Course length: Weekly 2 hour classes for 12 weeks

Course cost: £5/hour + £10 for course materials

Maximum class size: 16

Prerequisites: This course is for those who have a good knowledge of Arabic grammar, including all of the different categories of first form verbs.

Description: This course will teach:

  • the conjugation of verbs from form two to form ten with extensive practical exercises.
  • Subjunctive and jussive moods and associated particles
  • It will also introduce a number of dialogue areas including:
    • The weather and seasons
    • Air travel
    • Dealing with lost luggage
    • Booking a hotel
    • Taking a taxi
    • Exchanging money
    • Ordering food from a restaurant

Textbooks: Gateway to Arabic Book Six and Gateway to Arabic Book Seven by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye

Other materials: Students will be provided with vocabulary and dialogue handouts as well as relevant audio recordings.

Assessment: Weekly homework and a simple test at the end of the course

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