Course length: Weekly 2 hour classes for 12 weeks

Course cost: £5/hour + £5 for course materials

Maximum class size: 16

Prerequisites: This level is for students with some prior knowledge of Arabic i.e. those who can read vocalised text with some degree of fluency.

Description: The course will set out to improve and correct the student’s pronunciation of Arabic and introduce students to the grammar structure governing non verbal Arabic sentences. The following areas of grammar will be covered:

  • Past and present tense verbs in their simplest singular formats.
  • Attached and detached singular pronouns
  • Masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives
  • Interrogative particles (questioning words)
  • The dual
  • The sound masculine and feminine plural

The course will teach students how to converse in practical everyday situations.

Textbook: The Key to Arabic Book Two by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye

Other materials: Students will be provided with vocabulary and dialogue handouts as well as relevant audio recordings.

Assessment: Weekly homework and a simple test at the end of the course

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