Intermediate Plus

Course length: Weekly 2 hour classes for 12 weeks

Course cost: £5/hour + £5 for course materials

Maximum class size: 16

Prerequisites: This course is for those who have a good knowledge of how Arabic verbs function in different ways, such as hollow and doubled root letter verbs.

Description: The course will introduce the various defective forms of verbs containing one or more weak root letters and extend the student’s understanding of cardinal numbers into the thousands and suggest practical applications for their use. There will be extensive passages of dialogue with sample emails and model telephone conversations to enable the student to gain greater confidence and fluency in using Arabic.

Textbook: Gateway to Arabic Book Five by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye

Other materials: Students will be provided with vocabulary and dialogue handouts as well as relevant audio recordings.

Assessment: Weekly homework and a simple test at the end of the course

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