Course length: Weekly 2 hour classes for 12 weeks

Course cost: £5/hour + £5 for course materials

Maximum class size: 16

Prerequisites: This course is for students who have a basic grounding in Arabic i.e. they can read vocalised Arabic fluently and write Arabic in dictation with good accuracy. They know the basic rules governing the simple verbs in the past, present and imperative.


The course will build upon students’ previous knowledge of Arabic and will introduce the other aspects of verbs such as:

  • Hollow verbs
  • Doubled root letter verbs
  • Verbs with an initial alif or waaw
  • Verbs with a medial or final hamza

Students will also develop the following areas:

  • Interrogative particles
  • Rules governing hamza
  • Cardinal and Ordinal numbers
  • Inna and its sisters
  • Kaana and its sisters
  • Dialogue:
    • Family relations
    • Asking for and giving directions
    • Telling the time

Textbook: Gateway to Arabic Book Four by Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye

Other materials: Students will be provided with vocabulary and dialogue handouts as well as relevant audio recordings.

Assessment: Weekly homework and a simple test at the end of the course

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