I began learning Arabic with a brief understanding of how to identify and pronounce letters correctly. I took a leap forward and decided to embark upon what would become a love story with a beautiful language. After my very first class with Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye, I felt empowered and excited to see how in a short space of time, I was given the tools to help me on my journey of learning. I felt completely comfortable as a non-Arabic speaking student in a welcoming setting every time I stepped into a class.

Textbooks provide information, but teachers bring that information to life. Dr. Imran is one of the most humble, caring and nurturing individuals I have ever met, and his style of teaching, consistently patient support, and unquestionable range of knowledge of a subject he is so evidently passionate about, really makes learning Arabic a truly enjoyable experience. Dr. Imran has unlocked my gateway to Arabic; in doing so he has planted a seed which will continue to blossom in my family for many generations to come…God Willing.

Jamal Kalan

Dr Imran Alawiye is a brilliant teacher. In my academic life over 25 years I have seen few teachers with the natural gift of teaching as his. His clear logical explaninations, highlighting the special points of interest for remembering Arabic language helped me to build the foundation to this difficult foreign language. His skill in teaching the language step by step in an easy way is reflected in the books he has written. I am most lucky to have him as my Arabic teacher, and would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Arabic.

Dr.Najma Karim
Retired Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Imperial College, school of technology and Medicine, UK

I have really enjoyed Dr Imran’s method of teaching which has always been very enthusiastic yet very methodical, he has made learning Arabic seem easy. He has taught me how to read confidently with the correct pronunciation for each letter, something I thought I knew already but I actually did not. I have also learnt useful words and phrases and am now learning grammar with the intention of learning the Arabic language so I can understand the Quran. He has made all this seem very easy in a short period of time and I am very grateful to him for teaching me so much and making the course so enjoyable

Jusna Miah

Dr. Imran has been attracting students from a broad range of backgrounds as well as different age groups. ‎We all heard how difficult the Arabic language is. However his welcoming attitude and tailor made classes will quickly make you forget about that. All intricacies off the language will be broken down for you to simple examples. His classes are structured to dose as much material as a student can absorb. Doing your homework is still required but with the help of Dr. Imran you can make a progress in no time.

Piotr Grejcz
Credit Derivatives
UBS Investment Bank

Dr Imran’s approach to teaching Arabic is quite simple as he really engages with the student and motivates them to learn.  He is very professional in his approach but at the same time makes learning fun. The course is not complicated but requires a certain amount of logic. There are some parts of the language which you cannot avoid however Dr Imran simplifies things to help you understand. This is an excellent course however you are expected to put in extra hours to benefit from the course. Through Dr Imran’s guidance, students are encouraged to strive further to develop their understanding. The structure and content as well as use of examples are of exceptional standard. The Gateway to Arabic books are extremely helpful and easy to follow.

Shazia Syed
Fundraising Manager
The Citizens Foundation (UK)

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